Peer-Reviewed Publications

Ownership Frictions in a Procurement Market: Evidence from London Buses
Together with Florian Oswald
International Journal of Industrial Organization (2024)

Urban Poverty Across the Spectrum of Vietnam's Towns and Cities
Together with Peter Lanjouw
World Development (2018)

Vietnam's Evolving Poverty Index Map: Patterns and Implications for Policy
Together with Peter Lanjouw and Cuong Nguyen
Social Indicators Research (2013)

Designing a Climate Change Policy for the International Maritime Transport Sector: Market-based Measures and Technological Options for Global and Regional Policy Actions
Together with Appolonia Miola and Biagio Ciuffo
Energy Policy (2011)

Papers in the Review Process

Estimating an Auction Platform Game with Two-sided Entry
Conditionally Accepted, Journal of Political Economy

Identification in Ascending Auctions Under Limited Information, with an Application to Absentee Bidding
Previously titled: Spacings for identification: the case of English auctions with absentee bidding

Working papers

Spatial Rents, Garage Location, and Competition in the London Bus Market
Together with Florian Oswald

Phoning Home: The Procurement of Telecommunications Services for Prison Systems in the United States
Together with Nathan Miller and Gretchen Sileo
Complete draft coming soon

Selected work in progress

A Market for Airport Slots

Mechanism Design Change on a Peer-to-peer Lending Platform with Two-sided Entry
Together with Xun Tang

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