Marleen Marra

Contact details

Sciences Po, Department of Economics
28 Rue des Saints-Pères
75007 Paris

E-mail : marleen.marra [at]



Working papers

Estimating an auction platform game with two-sided entry

(Previously titled: Pricing and fees in auction platforms with two-sided entry)

Spacings for identification: the case of English auctions with absentee bidding

Work in progress

Competitive award of scarce airport slots: An empirical analysis

Mechanism design change on a peer-to-peer lending platform with two-sided entry
Together with Xun Tang

An empirical study of inmate telecommunication services procurement
Together with Nathan Miller and Gretchen Sileo

Location choice of London bus operators: Optimal Hotelling or market division?
Together with Florian Oswald


Urban poverty across the spectrum of Vietnam's towns and cities
with Peter Lanjouw
World Development (2018)

Vietnam's evolving poverty index map: Patterns and implications for policy
with Peter Lanjouw and Cuong Nguyen
Social Indicators Research (2013)

Designing a climate change policy for the international maritime transport sector: Market-based measures and technological options for global and regional policy actions
with Appolonia Miola and Biagio Ciuffo
Carbon Policy (2011)